Monday, May 30, 2016

Book Blast: Stare Him Down by Riley Murphy

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This Dom’s life is turned upside down when he agrees to enter into a modern-day marriage of convenience with a woman who’s sassy and vanilla.

Only problem?

She’s not vanilla. And the side of sassy she comes with is sure to get them both into trouble when he finds out.


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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Author Thursday: Interview with Jane Godman


1. What inspired this book?

Otherworld Renegade is part of a series (the second book), although each one stands alone.

Otherworld is a mystical realm and Tanzi, the heroine, is on the run from her fae home. She has arrived here in the mortal realm with no idea what our world is like.

I’m fascinated by the ancient Celtic idea of an ‘otherworld’ that is situated, not in some distant, unknown region of planetary space, but here on our own earth just out of sight and within our grasp (if we really believe in it and want it enough). The Otherworld of my imagination is a beautiful place inhabited by many races, including faeries, vampires, lycanthropes, phantoms and gods. Unfortunately, the constant battles between these warring dynasties threaten to spill over into the mortal realm.

I also love the Arthurian legends and they feature strongly throughout the series. There are some intriguing hidden identities and some figures from the past make an appearance in Otherworld and the modern day mortal realm.

2. What was the most difficult part about working on this book?

I think it’s always difficult to do justice to a paranormal world. So many stories have been written about vampires and werewolves, for example, and each author has his or her take on the legends surrounding them. My Otherworld books are not vampire or werewolf stories (although those beings do feature in them), and I want to make sure I get it right. Creating ‘believable’ characters isn’t necessarily the issue, but creating one that readers love? That’s the challenge!

3. Who is your favorite character in this book?

The hero, Lorcan Malone. He’s an Irish charmer who never stays in one place for long. He is also a necromancer, one of the most powerful sorcerers of them all, and leader of the resistance who are sworn to fight Moncoya, the evil Faerie King. He’s acutely intuitive and, when he meets Tanzi, who is one of Moncoya’s twin daughters, it really is a case of opposites attract, since she doesn’t do feelings.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Author Thursday: Spotlight on A Lover of Men by Julia Talbot

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A former soldier, a spy, and a spinster…three people, three lovers.

For spinster Lelia August, first came the small fortune then came the hoard of unscrupulous characters wanting a piece of it—or more specifically, a piece of her.

She decides to find a suitable man to marry, someone who won't want her to submit to the marriage bed. She settles on ex-soldier Phineas Moore, who has a reputation as a lover of men.

Phineas is intrigued by Lelia’s offer and thinks a marriage of convenience might just work for them. But when someone tries to kill his future wife, Phineas vows to protect her and find who’s responsible. He hires the irresistible spy Rafe Gaudi to investigate, and soon realizes he's outsmarted himself. Can Rafe and Phineas figure out who's plotting against the woman they’ve come to love, and can they even hope to dream of a future where the three can become one?

Now available at ARe and Amazon.


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“I have a business matter to discuss with you, Sir Phineas.” Lelia August studied the man who sat across from her, his large body stuffed into the tiny black lacquer chair stationed across from her desk. Somehow he should have appeared quite as ridiculous as all of the recent suitors who had wiggled their way into her library intent upon sweeping her, and her fortune, off her feet.

Contrarily, Phineas Moore appeared perfectly at ease, masculine, even somewhat predatory. His hair, black as a rook, was cut ruthlessly short, and his neckcloth was simple and unfashionable.

Had Lelia not done her research she would have thought him the simple country baronet he appeared. Instead, she knew his unfashionable appearance hid a complex man with a soldier’s mind and a surprising reputation among his peers.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Author Thursday Book Blast: In the Company of the Dead by Ciara Ballintyne

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Ellaeva’s obligations to the death goddess leave her no time to hunt down her parents’ murderer—until both duty and revenge lead her to the lonely castle where Lyram Aharris has been exiled for striking his prince. As the castle falls under siege, Ellaeva and Lyram must fight to save themselves from political machinations and clashing gods—but the greatest threat comes from an unexpected quarter.

In the Company of the Dead is now available at Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble.


Ciara will be awarding a $20 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, so make sure to follow the tour and comment. The more you comment, the better your chances of winning! Tour dates can be found here.

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Only a fool would split hairs with a god, least of all the goddess of death, but Ellaeva would count herself such a fool and consider it worth it—if she could get away with it.

She leaned across the knife-scarred timber of the tavern table.

“Are you sure?” she asked, her tone even and barely loud enough to be audible over the noise of the flute and the zither. Her work on behalf of the goddess Ahura, adjudicating the small war here in Dayhl, could only be abandoned in favour of a greater threat. If she was going to chase off after the man who killed her parents, she needed to be sure her arguments stacked up. The pursuit of personal justice wouldn’t be enough.

Is it justice or revenge?

No time to worry about that now. She tugged her black hood farther down over her infamous face, even though deep shadows blanketed the common room corner. She’d chosen a table far from the tallow candles mounted in their stag-horn chandeliers. There was no point taking chances; the black hair and porcelain skin of a Tembran would be remarked here among the platinum-haired Dayhlish. Besides, someone might recognise her.

“In Ahlleyn, sure as the spring comes after winter, Holiness.” The narrow-faced man across from her grinned, baring teeth more brown than yellow. The acrid smoke from the candles didn’t cover his pungent breath.

She half-stood, making an urgent, negating gesture as she glanced around, but the hubbub of chatter from the patrons and the music covered his slip. No one even glanced their way. On the far side of the room, away from the two blazing hearths, tables were pushed aside for dancing. She dropped back into her seat, her black robes fluttering around her booted feet.

About the Author

Ciara Ballintyne grew up on a steady diet of adult epic fantasy from the age of nine, leaving her with a rather confused outlook on life – she believes the good guys should always win, but knows they often don’t. She is an oxymoron; an idealistic cynic.

She began her first attempts at the craft of writing in 1992, culminating in the publication of her debut work, Confronting the Demon, in 2013. Her first book to be published with Evolved Publishing is In the Company of the Dead.

She holds degrees in law and accounting, and is a practising financial services lawyer. In her spare time, she speculates about taking over the world – how hard can it really be? If she could be anything, she’d choose a dragon, but if she is honest she shares more in common with Dr. Gregory House of House M.D. – both the good and the bad. She is a browncoat, a saltgunner, a Whedonite, a Sherlockian, a Ringer and a Whovian… OK, most major geek fandoms. Her alignment is chaotic good. She is an INTJ.

Ciara lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband, her two daughters, and a growing menagerie of animals that unfortunately includes no dragons.