Thursday, September 24, 2015

Author Thursday: Interview with Echo Ishii


1. What flavor is your writing?

I write fantasy and SF. I love to play around with worlds and possibilities. On a more serious level, I write romance because I am curious about the nature of love-and how everyone is imperfect in some way yet wants to be loved. I include some humor to lighten things up though. :)

2. If this book was made into a movie, who would you cast to play the characters?

Actually, I don't follow a lot of actors. I like movies and certain characters but I can't say I would have a favorite to cast. Anyone who can do a handsome Elf. :)

3. What is your favorite scene in MR. RUMPEL AND MR. GRIMM?

My favorite scene? Wow. That's tough. Well, I worked hard on a chapter in which we meet Daniel Grimm's sister Giselle, and his cousin, Mary. We also get to meet Mary's partner, Alice, and see the tenderness between those two. Even though I had a wonderful time writing the whole story, I believe those scenes were my favorites because they showed that Daniel is a good soul underneath. He may seem handsome, frivolous, and clueless at times, but he's capable of deep devotion.

4. What are you reading now or what books do you have in your TBR pile?

I'm reading a good bit of SF Romance with a goal of making it through all the Prism Award winners. I blog at Smart Girls love Sci Fi and have the pleasure of interviewing lots of writers and their work. I also write the column SF Obscure discussing SF and paranormal shows of the past. It's a lot of fun and I hear about so many new shows from the comments people leave. Gotta love geeks.

I also write reviews for Sci Fi Romace Quarterly, so I hear about lots of writers there. My TBR is packed full.

I also have lots of nonfiction in my TBR file. I'm a history buff and currently reading a lot about dance, particularly ballet, and the American Revolution.

5. What are you working on now?

I have a completed M/M high fantasy romance making the submission rounds. And have been working steadily on an SFR about humans and AI relationships.


You can find out more about Echo Ishii at these links:

Book Blurb

Claude Rumpel is a goblin turned human, living a quiet life in his little repair shop at the edge of town. He is in sore need of money to fund his inventions, and a cure for his hands, which he must keep covered at all times.

Daniel Grimm is half elf, descended from a wealthy family but now down on his luck. He is determined to restore his family's prestige and has a daring plan to do so.

The gold thread that Claude spins, and Daniel's ability to sell it, seems a perfect plan for their goals. The casual sex is a pleasant bonus. But they are constantly thwarted from all sides: Daniel's dealing with a powerful witch, the opposing magic of their lineages, and Claude's dark goblin desires...

Mr. Rumpel and Mr. Grimm is available at Less Than Three Press and Amazon.


“Say my name, Daniel Grimm.” Claude Rumpel straddled his conquest, holding the other man’s arms against the deep brown wooden backboard. The bed creaked loudly under the weight of both men.

“If you are any more aggressive, my little inventor, you’ll break this bed with both of us in it,” his lover said, without so much as a gasp.

It wouldn’t break; Claude knew that because he’d restored it himself. It was from the strongest wood of the original world trees; from the house of a long dead sorcerer. Nothing could break this bed. Not even the passion with which he and Daniel coupled.

Claude was dizzy with lust and on the verge of madness, wishing his stare could will his lover into compliance.

Daniel smirked, wisps of white blonde hair clinging to his face with sweat. He moved his body just slightly as if feigning a struggle. Claude wanted to be in charge, but his will was drowning in the sea of Daniel’s blue eyes.

“You can only hope to make me call your name, Mr. Rumpel,” Daniel said, straining against Claude’s grip. Daniel was shorter, thinner, and lighter than Claude but deceptively strong. He moved his head up and gave Claude a passionate, bruising kiss. Claude could feel the muscles in his neck strain, heard the sounds of his own moaning as Daniel’s tongue wrapped up in his firing the lust between them. Claude’s shoulders relaxed; his arms grew weak. Claude had foolishly cast himself in the role of the dominant, but it was clear.

He’d never win.

About the Author

A long time science fiction fan, as well as a fan of all things fantasy and paranormal. I also write, blog, and comment about these things various spots online. I am a huge fan of classic sci fi movies, shows, and even radio dramas.


Echo Ishii said...

Thank you so much for hosting me!

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Thanks for being here! I'm looking forward to reading Mr. Rumpel and Mr. Grimm. :)