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Author Thursday: Interview with Sara Daniel

Today's Author Thursday guest is Sara Daniel, and her book has my new favorite title: Loving the Amnesia Bride. I love a good amnesia story, and this sounds just like my catnip. I have to pick up a copy. :)


1. What flavor is your writing?

I’m going to peg my writing as Rocky Road flavor. The chocolate is the rich, authentic emotion of my characters. The nuts are the stumbling points of the characters’ flaws, and the marshmallows are the nuggets of surprise and humor to delight the reader.

For a more traditional answer, I write contemporary romance, located anywhere in the U.S., from small towns to farms to cities. Some books are very hot. Some are on the sweet side. But always the physical expressions are rooted in emotion and are an integral part of the characters’ growth. My books in the Wiccan Haus multi-author world also have a bit of paranormal in them.

2. If Loving the Amnesia Bride was made into a movie, who would you cast to play the characters?

Casting the hero is easy. Chris Hemsworth with his rugged Thor haircut was my model for Tucker Wilde. For my heroine, I could see either Alexandra Daddario (Anabeth from the Percy Jackson movies) or Keira Knightly playing the amnesia bride, Gwen Fairfax.

3. What is your favorite scene in Loving the Amnesia Bride?

My favorite scenes in the book were where I captured the struggle of my heroine attempting to discover who she is colliding with the awakening of her attraction to the fiancé she doesn’t remember. Here’s a snippet:
“This week is for you, Gwen, not me.”

She shook her head as they stepped into the elevator. “It’s for both of us. Just because you’re helping me get my memory back doesn’t mean you should have any less of a vacation.”

If Tucker wasn’t enjoying himself, why would he want to share his life with her? Up until dinner, his complete focus had been on her, but his eyes didn’t shine when he looked at her the way they did when he talked about his conservation efforts.
Just because they were engaged didn’t mean their relationship had been perfect before she’d lost her memory. By paying attention to what he loved, she could strengthen their bond or discover they weren’t right for each other at all.
As the elevator crawled upward, she glanced at him, unable to believe he wasn’t right for her. Not only was she comfortable with him, their chemistry compounded with every passing moment. The real question was if she fit with him, but she didn’t know herself well enough to answer.

The elevator doors opened, and he placed his palm against her back as they exited. A few steps later, they stopped in front of her room. “This is you,” he said.

“Yeah.” Now what? She had no idea how to wrap up the evening and no past experience to fall back on. “Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

He raised an eyebrow. “Is that a euphemism for something else?”

Oh gosh, she might not have a memory, but she understood what she’d implied. She forced a laugh to cover her embarrassment and deflect the sex offer she definitely wasn’t ready for him to take her up on. “Apparently, you’ve gotten engaged to a clichéd and trite woman. I fell asleep so fast earlier I didn’t notice if the room had a coffee pot.”

His lips twitched. “I would never get engaged to a cliché. Don’t sell yourself short.”

She rubbed her temples. If he’d been attracted to something unique and special about her, she’d like a clue what that thing might be. She enjoyed getting reacquainted with him, but getting to know herself proved far more unsettling. “Okay, no coffee and no euphemistic coffee. Uh, good night?”

“A good night kiss?” he suggested.

She dropped her gaze to his full pink lips. How many times had those lips kissed hers before? She wanted to remember, but she couldn’t handle the intimacy of a full, deep kiss when who she was remained elusive.

Rising on her tiptoes, she brushed her lips over his cheek, scratchy with his customary beard stubble. The touch warmed her, inviting her to linger and explore his face. Instead, she pulled away.

4. What are you reading now or what books do you have in your TBR pile?

Like every other reader and writer I know, my TBR pile is way too big, but in the past month I’ve made a conscious effort to read more, push my boundaries, and feed my muse. I just finished Marilyn Brant’s The Road to You, a YA/New Adult coming-of-age mystery/romantic suspense set in the 1970s. I’m currently reading Catherine M. Wilson’s When Women Were Warriors (Book 1: The Warrior’s Path). I don’t know what it’s classified as, historical matriarchal society, perhaps? Both are such a well-written, beautiful stories. On the straight romance side, I loved One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy for a hot story and Falling for Her Fiancé by Cindi Madsen for a sweet story.

5. What are you working on now?

I’m finishing the last three book in my One Night With the Bridal Party one-night stand series, which starts with One Night with the Bride and continues with One Night with the Bridesmaid and One Night With the Groom. The Best Man’s book comes next followed by One Night with Her Husband, and the series wraps up with One Night with His Wife. All stories are stand-alone, but some characters appear in other books as supporting characters. These books are tentatively scheduled for release starting in late spring 2015.

You can find out  more about Sara at these links:
If she remembers the past, they won't have a future.

Gwen Fairfax awakens in a hospital, deluged by stabbing head pain and unable to remember anything about her past, especially the man who claims to be her fiancé. A trip to the Wiccan Haus is her only hope to discover the woman she used to be, her mysterious dreams about a resort, and the man who’s supposedly the love of her life.

Tucker Wilde is willing to do anything to stop his stepmother’s land development schemes from ruining the natural habitat he’s dedicated his life to preserving. But he never expects he’ll have to go so far as to pretend to be engaged to the woman his brother left at the altar. He knows better than to trust anyone in cahoots with his stepmother. But he feels an overwhelming need to protect the sweet, vulnerable woman who has no one to turn to but him. Soon, he’s losing sight of the fact that the engagement isn’t real.

Gwen tempts him at every turn, hoping physical contact between them will jog her memory. If she never remembers the past, Tucker begins to believe they could make a life together. But if the Wiccan Haus delivers on healing her memory, it will destroy any hope for their future.

You can purchase Loving the Amnesia Bride at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords, Musa Publishing, and the iBooks store.
Author bio: Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She battles a serious NASCAR addiction and was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband, and she gets amnesia at least three times a day because she can never remember where she left her keys!

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