Thursday, October 9, 2014

Author Thursday: Interview with Sheryl Nantus

I'm super thrilled to have one of my favorite authors as today's guest--Sheryl Nantus! I love all of her series. (Like super heroes? You should read the Blaze of Glory books. A shapeshifter fan? Try Blood of the Pride. Sci-fi romance? Browncoat? Read Into the Black.)

Sheryl is here to promote her second Tales from the Edge book, which is awesome. Enjoy. :)

1. Congrats on your second Tales from the Edge book! What can readers look forward to in In the Void?

In The Void tells Sean's story and how he ended up as a Mercy man. Everyone may love a Mercy man or a Mercy woman but very few know how he or she arrived there – and Sean's got his own past.

When the Bonnie Belle rescues a ship's survivor he discovers that he still has the capacity for love – but he's got to fight for it. And I'm not just talking about mental battles – pirates want Catherine Rogers dead and they're willing to go to any extent to do it, including destroying the Bonnie Belle and everyone on her.

2. I loved Sean in In the Black, and I’m thrilled that he got his own book. What inspired you to create him?

Sean… ah, Sean. Who doesn't love a sweet Irish fellow? When he started talking to Sam during In the Black I knew he had his own story and his own journey to make. He's based loosely on Pierce Brosnan, an actor I've loved for years – all the way back to Remington Steele! It was easy to imagine him as Sean and easier to write his story with such a handsome fellow demanding my attention…

3. Will there be more Tales from the Edge stories?

Yes, one way or another. The next book will be April's story and then Kendra's – and the events of the first two books will affect everyone and everything as the Tales continue.

Let's just say that no good deed goes unpunished…

4. Who are your top three favorite authors?

Oh, Lordy… so many….

J.D. Robb and her "In Death" series. I love Eve and Roake SO much… I can say Nora Roberts too, right? I mean, it's her *other* name but… *laughs*

And for number three… hmm… I've got so many authors. I do love the classics and turn back to my well worn copy of "The Jungle Book" every now and then or some Basho haiku… er, I'll take a pass on that one!

5. What are you working on now?

Right now I'm working on the next Tales book. I'm also dabbling in another field I don't usually write in so I'd rather not say… but it's technically still romance!

You can find out more about Sheryl at these links:
In The Void

Book two of Tales from the Edge

Catherine Rodgers doesn't like Mercy spaceships, or the courtesans who work on them—not after her husband left her for a Mercy woman. But after her luxurious transport ship gets blown up to prevent her from cracking the lid off a corporate scam that's left hundreds dead and a few people very rich, the only vessel around to save her is the Bonnie Belle.

Sean Harrison has worked as one of the Belle's courtesans for years, bringing happiness to countless women along the space lanes. When he's asked to look after Catherine while the Belle brings her to safety, it should be just another job. Somehow it's anything but.

Sean is captivated by Catherine's sense of justice and responsibility. And Catherine finds a softer, more emotionally intelligent man in Sean than she expected. Drawn together in darkness under the threat of death, they find the beginning of something lasting. But with pirates after the Belle and a price on Catherine's head, that beginning might be all they get.

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