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Author Thursday: Guest Post by Yolanda Sfetsos

Today I'm excited to welcome back Yolanda Sfetsos as an Author Thursday guest. She's talking about two of my favorite things--sci-fi romance and Guardians of the Galaxy. Enjoy. :)

Hello, it's great to be here. I’d like to thank Robyn for helping me celebrate the release of Recast, Volume 1. This is actually the first print edition for my SFR series, and includes the first two books.

Today, I’d like to chat about that new Sci-Fi movie that everyone is talking about. ;)

A few weeks ago, we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. It was a movie I’d been looking forward to watching since the first teaser trailer was released. It seemed like a fun flick, and the characters were fascinating. I was so intrigued that I actually started reading a few of the comic books, and liked what I read. Only problem is, it made me anticipate the release of the movie even more.

Well, I’m happy to report that after watching an advanced screening, the movie turned out to be even better than I thought it would be. It was amazing. And I’m not just talking about the visuals. I’m talking about the story, the wit, the characterization, the fun and adventure—everything about it was brilliant.

I couldn’t get it out of my head for days. Even now, every time I think about the movie or listen to the soundtrack, I can’t wait to see it again. And we intend to go as soon as the crowds thin out a bit…

Anyway, watching such an exciting movie led me back to my own writing and reading. I realized that the reason why this movie affected me so much is because it included everything that I enjoy in Sci-Fi. It was gritty, took place in exotic locations, there were plenty of scoundrels and assassins, overlords, and an object of power. Even more importantly, it featured a bunch of lost souls who at first seem selfish and greedy but show a lot of heart and spirit when it really counts. And that’s something I’ve tried to inject into my own SFR series.

Just like in Guardians, the stakes in my Recast world are high. The danger levels are also dangerously dark, but no matter what’s going on, there’s always enough snarky banter to go around. Or some shared passion between the characters. I think it’s possible to tell a fun story even when dealing with serious issues. I love to see a good balance of both.

And that’s why I love writing the Recast series so much. This is my chance to tell the story of a bunch of people, creatures and aliens living in my very own fictional galaxy. They all have their own hopes and fears, dreams and secrets, enough chemistry to raise the heat levels, and enjoy a little fun along the way.

What about you? How do you like your Sci-Fi? And, have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet?

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You can find out more about Yolanda at these links:
When betrayal, revenge, secrets and lust collide, there can only be chaos.

Recast, Book 1

Wrangling is in Colt’s blood, but the woman he loved wasn’t easily tied down. Now a mysterious client has him wrangling someone who may not be human. Colt doesn’t care as long as he gets paid.

Colt could solve or multiply Brynn’s problems. She doesn’t expect him to understand why she left, but she needs his help. Colt looks as good as she remembers, and even after years, their mutual lust is alive.

Desire strips away secrets. A secret that could be their death sentence…

Recast, Book 2

Half-Recast Ace Abu is determined to get to Fray and destroy the Clash Arena. When he finds a barstool in Grit, he’s ready for a few beers, but the sexy singer on stage only makes him burn hotter.

Ely’Shea longs for freedom. When the boss is away she indulges her passions. That night she catches a glimpse of an alluring cowboy.

Unable to resist temptation, they’re consumed by passion…but once the fuses are set, their deepest secrets could blow any chance of forever to hell.

Product Warnings: Contains shapeshifters, space cowboys, female sheriffs, singers, double lives, and so many secrets it can only end in total madness.
Wife. Mother. Writer. Bibliophile. Dreamer. Animal lover. Intrigued by the supernatural. Horror freak. Zombie enthusiast. Movie & music fan. Slave to her muse.

Yolanda lives in Sydney, Australia with her awesome husband, lovely daughter, and cheeky cat.

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