Saturday, August 9, 2014

The SFR Brigade Presents: Morningstar Snippet 2

It's SFR Brigade Presents time, yay! You can find more of this week's sci-fi romance snippets shared here.

Last week I shared a snippet from Morningstar where Bryn meets Captain Hawke (a heroine in Nightfall). And then I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, and I thought you might enjoy something a little more action-packed. Do you like epic space battles and blue aliens with swords and laser pistols kicking all available butt? Then I suspect that you'll enjoy the Cy'ren Rising trilogy. ;)

Here we have Lieutenant Brynnaren Viera about to beat the snot out of Morningstar's hero, Lieutenant Commander Najacen Harrow. (You can read more of this scene in the excerpt at the Samhain site.)
Lieutenant Viera stood in the center of the armory, calmly checking the edge of her blade. A trickle of blood went ignored as it slid down the side of her neck from a scratch at her throat. The enticing scents of blood and phase pheromones mixed in the air and Jace growled low. How was he supposed to fight when he couldn’t think straight?

“Ready?” Bryn set her stance and raised her blade.

Jace drew his sword. “What are your victory conditions?”

“You yield or I knock you unconscious. Or I kill you, though I’d rather not. I don’t think Captain Hawke would appreciate that.”

“She might. She threatens it often enough.”

“So you have a problem with women in authority?”

“No.” Jace slowly circled right, and she moved left, matching him step for step. “I have a problem with authority.”

He lunged, and she parried and came at him. His eyes widened as she rained a flurry of blows that drove him back—she was strong and damn fast. That must have been where Soth went wrong. Soth probably assumed he could overpower her, and she struck at him with the speed of a viper. Thankfully Jace was also fast, and he defended himself before going on an offensive of his own. He had to be fast to compete among his brethren, as the other shadow swords tended to be broader and burlier, like Soth. Most of them were born to fight for their house, but Jace had been born to lead it.

Bryn hissed as his blade sliced through the sleeve of her coverall, and she retaliated with a kick to his shin that staggered him. Off-balanced, he fell flat on his back as she connected with another kick, and she leapt on him and pinned him to the floor.

“Did you buy that pretty sword of yours? Doesn’t seem like you earned it,” Bryn taunted.

Morningstar, Cy'ren Rising Book 2

Desire is an addiction that could destroy them all.

The second son.

Lieutenant Commander Jace Harrow is the second son of House Morningstar—the spare, not the heir. Armored with an arrogant mask, Jace keeps the world at arm’s length to protect those around him from becoming targets for his bloodthirsty brother.

The broken sword.

Lieutenant Bryn Viera was a shadow sword and a decorated officer, dedicated to protecting her people. But for the past five years she has lived as a slave and has the scars to prove it. Bryn vowed to escape or die trying—until she met Sabine.

The slave.

Born into slavery, Sabine never expected to fall in love. Her feelings for Bryn sparked her desire for a new life, but now Sabine is in phase, consumed by the need to mate with a male. Her dream of freedom with Bryn is on the brink of destruction, for to deny the phase means death.

Thrown together by the unforgiving demands of the phase, they must unite to save Cyprena’s people from a deadly new bioweapon—or be destroyed by the scars of their pasts.


Misa Buckley said...

Have to admit - I love it when the heroine kicks the hero's butt. :D

Kristina Stutts said...

Definitely exciting. Love kicking butt women. :-) You and I also use the same background for our blogs!

Anonymous said...

I thought she kicked his shin.

Pippa Jay said...

She certainly knows how to get a rise out of a male!