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Author Thursday: Interview with Veronica Scott

My guest today is Veronica Scott, best-selling author and “SciFi Encounters” columnist for the USA Today Happy Ever After blog. She's very cool, and my inner NASA nerd was full of squee when I read in her bio that she received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal. (Seriously people, whenever NASA would call the office looking for my professor/boss I would be all fangirl "OMG, NASA is on the phone!") I'm very excited to have Veronica here today. :)

1. What flavor is your writing? (Contemporary? Historical? Spicy? Action? Space odyssey? Ninjas? All of the above?)

I write in two genres – science fiction romance and ancient Egyptian romance with a touch of paranormal. I put a lot of action and adventure into every book, no matter which universe I’m writing in. There will always be a strong, capable heroine and the man who loves her. My heroes tend to be military, and come from the Special Forces of their time, whether it be the far future, or a group I call Pharaoh’s Own Guards in the stories set in ancient Egypt. I don’t write straight historical romance because I like to include the gods and goddesses in the action, so I take a few other liberties as well. I take turns between writing SFR and the ancient Egyptian stories.

2. Congrats again on winning a NERFA for Escape from Zularie! Where did you get your inspiration for this book?

Thank you, I was completely thrilled, especially since this is one of my self published books. I do have them professionally edited and copy edited of course.

Zulaire was inspired by the Sepoy Rebellion in India during the British time there. In 1857 there was a terrible uprising, rights and wrongs on both sides, no doubt, but many English women and children were caught in the middle of the combat, with no warning. People they’d trusted were trying to kill them in truly awful ways. I always wondered what I would do if I found myself in such a situation – how do you escape? How do you survive? At the beginning of my novel, the heroine, Andi, (who is from offworld) is in an isolated situation at the country playground of the Zulairian nobility, when all of the sudden a military convoy rolls up. Their captain, Tom, says they’re there to extract her because war is about to break out. She doesn’t believe him about the coming war. And the situation spirals from there. She and the captain strike a lot of sparks throughout the novel.

(By the way, Escape From Zulaire is currently in a special boxed set Nebula Nights with ten other SFR stories, only 99 cents at all ebook retailers!)

3. What is your favorite thing about writing sci-fi romance?

All the possibilities are open. You can have a setting on another world, in another time…there can be aliens, cyborgs, time travel, wormholes – anything you can imagine, goes. And I especially like having a man and a woman in the middle of the life or death situation, working together to survive against terrible odds. Watch the romance blossom as each sees what the other is made of.

4. What are you reading now or what books do you have in your TBR pile?

My TBR pile is out of control! I write the SciFi Encounters column for the USA Today Happily Ever After blog, so I’m always looking for books and authors to feature there. Right now I’m in the middle of an Ann Aguirre book from the Perdition series. I’m eagerly anticipating the next Nalini Singh Guildhunter book, as well as Jeffe Kennedy’s new installment of her The Twelve Kingdoms series. I love Navy SEAL romances and have Midnight Vengeance from Lisa Marie Rice on the kindle. I enjoy Regency romances but don’t have a new one picked out yet. I’m also dipping into a couple of books about ancient Egypt for research purposes.

5. What are you working on now?

Actually I just published my next science fiction romance! It’s called Mission to Mahjundar, and here’s the story in brief:

An attempted assassination left Princess Shalira blind as a child and, now that she’s of marriageable age, her prospects are not good because of her disability. She’s resigned herself to an arranged marriage rather than face life under the thumb of her cold stepmother. But then she meets Mike Varone, a Sectors Special Forces officer sent to Mahjundar by the intergalactic government to retrieve a ship lost in her planet’s mountains. After Mike saves Shalira from another assassination attempt, she arranges for him to escort her across the planet to her future husband. She’s already falling hard for the deadly offworlder and knows she should deny herself the temptation he represents, but taking Mike along to protect her is the only way she’ll live long enough to escape her ruthless stepmother.

But what should have been an easy trek through Mahjundar’s peaceful lands swiftly turns into an ambush with danger around every turn. Shalira’s marriage begins to seem less like an arranged union and more like yet another planned assassination. The more they work together to survive, the harder it becomes to stop themselves from falling in love. Caught in a race against time, can they escape the hostile forces hunting them and make it off the planet?

Mission to Mahjundar is also available at ebook retailers.

You can find out more about Veronica at these links:
Andi Markriss hasn’t exactly enjoyed being the houseguest of the planetary high-lord, but her company sent her to represent them at a political wedding. When hotshot Sectors Special Forces Captain Tom Deverane barges in on the night of the biggest social event of the summer, Andi isn’t about to offend her high-ranking host on Deverane’s say-so—no matter how sexy he is, or how much he believes they need to leave now.

Deverane was thinking about how to spend his retirement bonus when HQ assigned him one last mission: rescue a civilian woman stranded on a planet on the verge of civil war. Someone has pulled some serious strings to get her plucked out of the hot zone. Deverane’s never met anyone so hard-headed—or so appealing. Suddenly his mission to protect this one woman has become more than just mere orders.

That mission proves more dangerous than he expected when rebel fighters attack the village and raze it to the ground. Deverane escapes with Andi, and on their hazardous journey through the wilderness, Andi finds herself fighting her uncomfortable attraction to the gallant and courageous captain. But Deverane’s not the type to settle down, and running for one’s life doesn’t leave much time to explore a romance.

Then Andi is captured by the rebel fighters, but Deverane has discovered that Zulaire’s so-called civil war is part of a terrifying alien race’s attempt to subjugate the entire Sector. If he pushes on to the capitol Andi will die. Deverane must decide whether to save the woman he loves, or sacrifice her to save Zulaire.

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