Saturday, June 21, 2014

Starry Nights Blog Hop

Welcome to the SFR Brigade's Midsummer Blog Hop! The hop is offering several great grand prizes to celebrate, including a copy of my spicy space opera Nightfall and an advanced copy of the second book in the series, Morningstar. And I'm revealing the cover for the third book in the trilogy, Sunsinger!

When I heard that the theme for this hop was Starry Nights I immediately thought of my Cy'ren Rising books, Nightfall and Morningstar. (Night and star--perfect, right?) But on the Cy'ren home world, all of their cities are underground. Not a starry night in sight.

Thankfully the Cy'ren are a spacefaring people, with plenty of opportunity to fall in love among the stars. In Nightfall the heroine Talena risks everything to help a handsome stranger, and is drawn into the fight of the Cy'ren resistance. The crew is made up of misfits and the ship is held together with spit, electrical tape and a prayer, but it's a good cause (though those never pay well).

In Morningstar, Bryn and Sabine are rescued by Jace, the second son of House Morningstar. Bryn is disappointed to find out that the resistance is still losing the war that it was fighting five years ago when her ship was destroyed in battle, but serving aboard the Talon II gives her a chance to re-enter the fight. (Provided she doesn't strangle Jace, who happens to be the ship's first officer.)

On that subject, here's a snippet from Morningstar:
The deck shook beneath her boots as the rumble of an explosion rocked the ship, and then flashing alarms and blaring sirens kicked on. Bryn froze, paralyzed by the nightmare memories of the final moments of the Sabre. Fear clutched her throat, and she struggled to breathe—if the ship was taken by slavers, Bryn would be right back where she started. Worse, even, because new slavers would surely separate her from Sabine. Then Bryn’s training overrode her fear and started her moving. The Talon II was down a first officer, and they would need a hand on the bridge.

Captain Hawke glanced at her with a raised brow when she entered, but then motioned her forward. “Lieutenant Viera, take weapons. I’ll cover engineering.”

The captain moved to the engineering station, and Bryn took a seat at the weapons console. It was all familiar, even after so much time spent as a slave. It helped that this ship was older than she was, so there were no surprises in the technology. The bridge was larger than the Sabre’s, but the Sabre had been a light—and admittedly ancient—military cruiser, not a modified transport. At least the chair was comfortable. Civilian design was always more comfort-oriented than military specs.

The indicator lights flashed green across the board. Their cannons were armed, but the approaching ship was out of firing range.

“Captain, they’re broadcasting an Alliance military ID,” the navigator announced. “They’re ordering us to power down and submit to being towed aboard their ship.”
And here, revealed for the first time, is the cover for the third book in the Cy'ren Rising trilogy, Sunsinger.

Isn't it shiny? It has the Talon II in the background! And I love Lady Andelynn and her sword. :) Lady Andee is here to chew bubble gum and fight for Cy'ren freedom, and she's all out of bubble gum. ;)

Nightfall won second place in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi category of the 8th Annual Passionate Plume Contest, and was a finalist in the Science Fiction Romance category of the 2014 EPIC eBook Awards. Nightfall is available in print and e-book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Samhain Publishing, and All Romance eBooks. You can pre-order Morningstar at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Sunsinger will be out in December 2014.
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Aurora Springer said...

enjoyed your snippet!

Riley Moreland said...

Great teaser excerpt!

Rhianna of RhiReading said...

Oooh these sound right up my alley and wow those covers are gorg!

Pippa Jay said...

It's a gorgeous cover!

Pauline B Jones said...

Great cover and stories sound fun! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the cover. The Talon II looks awesome.

Life Without Frank said...

Loved the teaser, these look really good. Thanks for the chance to win one!


doxymom said...

I love the cover of Morningstar. The color is gorgeous. I've added the first two books to my wishlist.

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Corinne Elletson-Kilgore said...

That cover is awesome!!

KM Fawcett said...

Thanks for the excerpt! Love the cover, too!

spajonas said...

Great excerpt and cover! And congrats on your award too!

Steph F. said...

Ooh, this series sounds so good. Love finding awesome new authors.
Thanks for joining the hop.


S E Gilchrist said...

I just love the cover of your next book! Its gorgeous. Enjoyed reading & learning more about your work. thanks for sharing

Suzie said...

Thanks for the excerpt, the covers are beautiful. In am looking forward to reading the series.

Ed Hoornaert said...

I agree with people's reaction to your cover. Looks great!

Ed Hoornaert said...

I agree with people's reaction to your cover. Looks great!

E.L. F. said...

Lovely cover, thanks for sharing and congrats on the new cover.