Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poison in the Blood Print Release Day!

Poison in the Blood is now available in print! And the print edition includes the novella The Importance of Being Emily, so it's two books in one! You can pick up a copy here:

I'll be sharing excerpts from Poison in the Blood on the Samhain Cafe list, but here's a special snippet for fans of Simon St. Jerome:
Robert and I retired to the library to await the arrival of Michael and Simon. When the chroniclers entered I was reading to the baby, because even an infant librarian abandoned his temper when presented with a book.

“Why is the baby here?” Simon asked without preamble.

“Because he is an ill-tempered creature of the night, just like his Uncle Simon,” I replied dryly.

Michael smiled at Robert. “Good Lord, he’s gotten big.”

“He has, but he’s still small for his age. He has quite a way to go to catch up to Jasper and Theodore. How long have you been in London?”

“Three days. I feel terrible that we didn’t send word, but—”

“Why are you here?” I interrupted.

Simon took a seat across from me and folded his hands in his lap. “As I said, we are conducting an investigation for the Order.”

“Yes, but why are you here? It is my husband’s place to lecture me, not yours.”

Simon scowled. “Michael has not mastered his hunger yet. You are not to be in the same room without supervision, and you are most certainly not to touch each other again without permission.”

“Permission? Now I need your permission to touch my husband?” I repeated, incredulous.

“I would never hurt her.” Michael took a step forward, and Simon pointed a bony finger at him in warning.

“You are not yourself,” Simon said.

Michael sighed. “This is ridiculous. There was no harm done, and I was not about to let Emily fall and hurt herself.”

“And you could have lost control, bitten her and torn her throat out. You aren’t ready yet.”

My throat tightened with too much emotion as I studied my husband. He hadn’t completely changed. Michael’s dark eyes were as expressive as always—filled with heartbreak at the moment—and his black hair was tousled despite his attempts to tame it. He always appeared a bit rumpled, and now I supposed he would continue to do so for all eternity.

Poison in the Blood got a 4-Star review from RT Book Reviews:
The second installment of the Emily Chronicles brings fans right back into the dark, imaginative world of a London filled with magic and the fascinating creatures who control it. Emily Black is a strong, courageous heroine, with a moral compass that serves her well as loyalties begin to shift around her and her marriage evolves in ways she never could have imagined. Bachar keeps the plot moving along nicely, and her inventiveness makes the world of this story come to life.

And RT gave The Importance of Being Emily (included as a bonus in the PitB print edition) a 4.5-Star review!
If Agatha Christie included paranormal elements in her house party murder mysteries, the results would have probably been something similar to Bachar’s short story. The Importance of Being Emily has all of the hallmarks of a traditional historical romance, including very conservative beliefs about a woman’s “place”. However, the story is absolutely doused in occult magic, vampires, mind readers and other sorts of magic. This is a wonderfully imaginative tale that begs a re-read just so that every detail and nuance can be savored.

To celebrate the print release I'll be doing a month-long Virtual Book Tour through Bewitching Book Tours, and the stops are listed here. Each stop gives you the opportunity to enter the giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of PitB and a $25 Amazon gift card. You can enter here!

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