Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gamify your life. Slay your word count.

I'm always looking for new ways to motive me to get my butt into the chair and write. Because lo, the Internet doth beckon, and too often I answer its call. ("Just one more page of lolcats and then I'll write. Honest!") I don't seem to have a problem making my word count during National Novel Writing Month, because I'm motivated to win, even when winning means I get a few winner icons and a T-shirt.

I come from a family of athletes, so wanting to win is in my DNA. I have zero athletic ability, so this desire generally manifests in my love of rpgs. I want to slay the dragon. ALL THE DRAGONS! I want to kill every dragon in the dungeon and walk out with a pack full of magic items and buckets of coin. BEHOLD MY PIXELATED GLORY!

As such, HabitRPG is my new favorite thing.

I first found out about HabitRPG from Jim C. Hines' blog. (Have I mentioned lately how awesome he is? Because he is.) HabitRPG is a habit building app that allows you to treat your life like a role playing game. OMG, you guys. You get experience points (XP), coin, and loot drops for doing your daily stuff. Take out the garbage? XP! Do the dishes? XP! Achieve your daily word count? XP, people!

And it's free.

So this is me:

As you can see, I'm level 9 and I have a pink bear cub pet. Doesn't he look menacing and adorable? My dailies are set up so that I get points for doing writing-related work (so that editing and proofreading count when I'm not working on a new manuscript). I get points when I do an hour of book promotion. I get points for writing a blog post. I have a To Do list with things like "finish this [work in progress]" and "start a newsletter".

It's pretty great. BFF Diana joined, and we formed a party to quest together. (She's currently kicking my butt XP-wise.) I expanded my dailies to encompass chores around the house, and also diet-related activities. Because I am not motivated to exercise, but if I get XP and loot for it, then heck yeah I'll ride the bike that goes nowhere!

In conclusion, HabitRPG is awesome, and you should give it a try.

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