Thursday, May 29, 2014

Author Thursday: Interview with Katharine Tree

Today's guest is debut author Katharine Tree, and she's talking about her novel Dark and Deep. BFF Diana and I have known her for years (many years, for Diana)(I believe the words "summer camp" may be involved). She's very cool, and I wish her many book sales. ;)

1. What flavor is your writing? (Spicy? Action? Space odyssey? Ninjas? All of the above?)

It’s homesteading adventure with what I’ve heard called “strong romantic elements”. The characters are contemporary people, but they’ve thrown themselves into an Iron Age micro-society. The adjustment is jarring and brings out the... hrm… interesting aspects of their personalities. The narrator’s relationship with the hero is at the core of the story, and there are several spicy scenes, but they’re diagnostic of what is happening with the rest of the characters’ lives and with the settlement as a whole. The hero is Scottish and there are limited amounts of kilt-wearing and Gaelic-speaking, so I suppose it qualifies as Scotsploitation too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gamify your life. Slay your word count.

I'm always looking for new ways to motive me to get my butt into the chair and write. Because lo, the Internet doth beckon, and too often I answer its call. ("Just one more page of lolcats and then I'll write. Honest!") I don't seem to have a problem making my word count during National Novel Writing Month, because I'm motivated to win, even when winning means I get a few winner icons and a T-shirt.

I come from a family of athletes, so wanting to win is in my DNA. I have zero athletic ability, so this desire generally manifests in my love of rpgs. I want to slay the dragon. ALL THE DRAGONS! I want to kill every dragon in the dungeon and walk out with a pack full of magic items and buckets of coin. BEHOLD MY PIXELATED GLORY!

As such, HabitRPG is my new favorite thing.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Author Thursday: Interview with Delilah Devlin

My guest today is USA Today best-selling author Delilah Devlin, who has a new book out this week in her Delta Heat series with Samhain. She has quite possibly my favorite answer to the "what flavor is your writing?" question, so I think you're all going to enjoy this interview. :)

1. What flavor is your writing? (Spicy? Action? Space odyssey? Ninjas? All of the above?)

Not that I’m all that self-aware (friends call my completely oblivious!), but I’d guess I’m on the extremely spicy side. Like Serrano peppers vs. jalapenos. And even when I write dark and edgy, there has to be humor intermixed with the action, otherwise I’d be bored.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Poison in the Blood Virtual Book Tour

Poison in the Blood is going on a virtual book tour to celebrate the print release. You can win a signed copy of PitB and a $25 Amazon gift card! It will be awesome.

Here are the tour stops:

June 2: Fang-tastic Books
June 3: Deal Sharing Aunt
June 4: 3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!
June 5: Cassandra M's Place
June 6: Night Owl Reviews
June 9: Pembroke Sinclair
June 10: Roxanne’s Realm
June 11: Lisa’s World of Books
June 12: Jill Archer and For Your Literary Pleasure
June 13: Sapphyria's Book Reviews and Penny For Them...
June 16: Paranormal Romance Fans for Life
June 17: Houston Havens
June 18: Deb Sanders
June 19: Share My Destiny and Books & Tales
June 20: Butterfly-o-Meter Books
June 23: Corazones Literarios
June 24: Cover Reveals
June 25: Beverly @ The Wormhole
June 26: Marsha A. Moore and Eclipse Reviews
June 27: Little Read Riding Hood and Darkest Cravings
June 30: Writing from Corsets to Bustiers and Immortality and Beyond
July 1: Urban Fantasy Investigations and Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Author Thursday: Interview with Keith Melton

Keith Melton is an evil genius. The best kind of evil genius--an author. I'm a huge fan of his Nightfall Syndicate series, and his book The Zero Dog War is on my list of books I'd want if I was stranded on a desert island. It's just that awesome. (Here's a quote from my Goodreads review: "It's like all of my urban fantasy favorites thrown in a blender and turned into an addictive alcoholic beverage.") YES.

Harrison loves Blood Vice. Everyone loves Blood Vice!

Warning: Put your coffee down now. Don't make the same mistake I did and end up nasing it while reading this interview. Damn you, Keith Melton! *shakes fist*

1. What flavor is your writing? (Spicy? Action? Space odyssey? Ninjas? All of the above?)

Space Action Ninjas. Or, as we like to say in the biz, SAN. We have a diametrically opposing viewpoint to those degenerate Space Inaction Ninja bastards, because, honestly, what is more boring than a ninja who does nothing? They’re like Romulans who never decloak at the worst possible time for the Enterprise. Yawn.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Read some good books lately?

I've been making huge progress in my 2014 Reading Challenge, so that's awesome. Though I have to admit that I really haven't dented my massive TBR bookcase, because I keep bringing new books into the house. Yes, I have an addiction. Though many of those books are library books, so that helps, right?

Except for all those ebooks... but they were 99 cents!

I'll stop now.

What I've been reading lately...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Author Thursday: Interview with Paige Tyler

I've spent time hanging out with Paige Tyler at the last few Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Togethers, and Paige is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Seriously. If you have the chance to chat with her at a conference or signing you definitely should, because she's awesome. :) (And Paige and her husband are adorable together. That's him in the background of the photo helping her at a past RAGT signing.)

I'm excited to have Paige as my guest today, and she's talking about her new book Her Perfect Mate which is out this week!

1. What flavor is your writing? (Spicy? Action? Space odyssey? Ninjas? All of the above?)

Hmm. I think my tagline says it best—“Hunky Heroes, Kickbutt Heroines, Unforgettable Romance.” Add in some steamy sex, nail-biting suspense and pulse-pounding action, and that pretty much sums it up!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On

First, Poison in the Blood got a 4-star review from RT Book Reviews! w00t!

"The second installment of the Emily Chronicles brings fans right back into the dark, imaginative world of a London filled with magic and the fascinating characters who control it. Emily Black is a strong, courageous heroine, with a moral compass that serves her well as loyalties begin to shift around her and her marriage evolves in ways she never could have imagined. Bachar keeps the plot moving along nicely, and her inventiveness makes the world of this story come to life."

So cool. :) Remember, you can get 30% off the ebook of Poison in the Blood at the Samhain store when you use the coupon code POISON14 at checkout. I'll stop now...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Author Thursday: Interview with Leah Braemel

Leah Braemel holds a special place in my heart because she was next to me at my very first book signing. We bonded over imported chocolate (imported by her, from Canada). ;) I really enjoyed her Hauberk Protection series, and I'm thrilled to have her as my guest today.

1. What flavor is your writing? (Spicy? Action? Space odyssey? Ninjas? All of the above?)

It depends upon the book, some books are spicier than others. I have quite a few erotic romances, several involving ménages. But my latest series of westerns—The Grady Legacy—are more mainstream contemporary westerns. While the love scenes are explicit, the sex isn’t the main focus. I love reading stories that have a good strong external plot, so that’s the only type I can write. At the moment all my stories, erotic or regular, are contemporary, with the exception of Tangled Past which is a historical romance and it is a connected story to Texas Tangle.