Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal

Ahh, springtime. When the flowers bloom and the world is green once---wait, what do you mean there's more snow on the way?


It's been a long, cold winter in Chiberia. No, seriously. They had to bring an icebreaker ship to clear a path through Lake Michigan. We're in the top three snowfalls on record. It's been so cold for so long that when it hit the 40s last week crazy people were walking around downtown with no coats on, because 40 degrees was "warm." But though spring has decided to be fashionably late this year, I know it's on its way. Because Spring Training! Go Cubbies!

"Hope springs eternal" does not refer to the Chicago Cubs, but its a phrase Cub fans embrace every year because next year is here. This could be the year. This could be the team that takes us to the World Series. (Probably not.) Though first, they're going to have to thaw out Wrigley Field. (Which they were using snow plows on. Seriously.)

Being an author is a lot like being a Cub fan. Each new release is like a new season---maybe this will be the one that takes you all the way to the top! The crowd goes wild! Or, maybe this is the book that only your die-hard fans love, and everyone else thinks it stinks. All you can do is keep playing. Keep writing.

Hope springs eternal.

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