Friday, February 28, 2014

Super Samhain Savings!

Are you trapped indoors by snow and sub-zero temperatures? Need something to read? Well Mr. Sam Hain wants to help!

Samhain is having a hugenormous sale at their site, offering 50% off all their paperback books when you use the coupon code PAPERBACK50 at checkout. Awesome, right?

That means you can get half off the print versions of Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered, and Nightfall!

But wait, there's more!

I have a special Samhain coupon code for the e-book of Poison in the Blood! If you enter the code POISON14 at checkout you'll get 30% off. w00t!

So much savings. You should treat yourself to something. ;-)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sweet Home Chicago

I recently returned to the Chicagoland area after living for several years surrounded by cornfields in central Illinois. Of course I moved back just in time for one of the coldest, snowiest Chicago winters on record. Luckily being trapped indoors isn't a terrible thing for a writer--I've had plenty of time to polish up the third Cy'ren book and to put together a zombified proposal for my editor. I even joined the Chicago-North RWA Chapter. (You guys, my name is totally listed on the same page as Courtney Milan and Carrie Lofty. It makes me feel famous by association.)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Slaying the TBR Pile

Soon I will have the cover for the second Cy'ren book, Morningstar, and I'm extremely thrilled and hyper about that. It will be out later this year, as will the third book, Sunsinger. (Much thanks again to my awesome and brave beta readers.) I'm also working on more Bad Witch books and a new fantasy series, but when I'm not obsessing over them, I've been making progress on my quest to whittle down my hugenormous To Be Read pile. (Or TBR bookcase, rather. It's an entire bookcase. My Nook and Kindle are also similarly filled.)