Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On The Importance of Being Emily

This week LASR is celebrating their anniversary, and I thought I'd share some highlights from the reviews I've gotten from them. First up is Emily. Oh, and for those of you who prefer your books in print form, The Importance of Being Emily will be included with the print edition of Poison in the Blood (out next June!). Two books in one, no one can live at that speed! ;)

This is an interesting world, filled with magic and mystery, and Ms. Bachar has written a delightful romance, mixed with suspense and danger. The characters are all well defined, and multi faceted, and the book, though short, is a very satisfying experience.

Emily is a strong willed, intelligent young woman. She is a little bored with her life, and wants to do more than just use her magic to make matches. With the murder, she blossoms, and is able to use her gift and visions to do much more. She has secretly loved Michael Black for some time, knowing that she can never have him, as he is destined to become a chronicler, and is shocked to discover that he is her one true soul mate. I liked Emily, for her independent spirit, her superb intelligence, and her fearless nature.

Michael Black is a librarian, apprenticed to become a chronicler after his ‘death’. He is strong, loyal and extremely handsome. But Michael has a secret, one he has kept to himself for a while: he loves Miss Emily Wright, and has for some time. But like Emily, he sees no way for them to be together. So when given the chance to work along side her to help clear his mentor’s name, he is delighted to do so. I like Michael, although I do believe he could have found out more about his future responsibilities before believing all was lost.

The mystery of who the real killer is unfolds at the perfect pace for this short book. I enjoyed watching the romance between Emily and Michael blossom, and I was delighted to see Emily try to fight for the man she wants. I smiled at her jealousy of the mentor who she felt was taking what should be hers, even as she tries to clear his name to make Michael happy. And as the romance between these two would be lovers explodes into heated passion, the story opens up to possibilities not explored before now. There are several surprises in this one, and they add greatly to the overall reading experience.

There is a marvelous and surprising conclusion to this one, and I highly recommend it to all who love mystery, magic and heat.

--Long and Short Reviews, 4 Book Review

The Importance of Being Emily and its sequel, Poison in the Blood, are both available now in e-book.

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