Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On Blood, Smoke and Mirrors

The LASR celebration continues at their site, and many questions have been answered. (Yes, I do in fact have four tattoos, and the cats have tried to murder me to get at my tuna sandwich.) There's plenty of time left to enter the giveaway, so you should stop by. :)

LASR was one of the first reviews I received for Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, and to this day it still makes me smile. They loved it! Here's a quote from it:

Blood, Smoke and Mirrors contains all the things I love the best in books, great internal and external tension, quirky or slightly flawed protagonists, great dialogue, and a captivating story line. It also has a wonderful world. I really connected with Cat. She made the type of mistakes I could see myself making in the same circumstances—not that there’s any chance of that, but still...

When I finished Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, I immediately Googled Robyn Bachar in search of a sequel or a prequel. ... Sign me up for book two.
--Long and Short Reviews, 5 Book review
It's a strange and scary thing to me when I see reviews from people who aren't related to me. On one hand, as a published author I hope that people will read my books, but it's still weird to me that people actually do. Awesomely weird, but still weird...I'm babbling now, I'll stop. ;)

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