Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together: Part Two

First, I want to state for the record that I met and/or chatted with a ton of people at the RAGT, way more than I can put into coherent blog-post form. If I didn't mention you here, it's because I have the memory of a goldfish when I'm tired (and trust me, I was exhausted, because there's so much that goes on at an event like this that it's like a hurricane). It's not you, it's me.

And Then It Was Saturday

I am not a morning person. I generally cannot brain until after at least one cup of coffee, so though I was looking forward to attending the Samhain Author Breakfast, I suspected I was going to embarrass myself at least once. But then again, we were all a little zombified at that hour, so I figured I was safe. Because it was BC (Before Coffee) I have vague memories of chatting with Marty Matthews, Heather Osborn, Lindsey Faber, Dee Carney, Lissa Matthews, Dana Marie Bell, and Leah Braemel. But mostly I remember talking with Cora Cade, because we bonded over our mutual interest in dogs, tattoos, and Alan Rickman.

After breakfast I grabbed BFF Diana and we shopped for books for the signing. Look how pretty Blood, Smoke and Mirrors and Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered looked on the table!

I wanted to hug them. I settled for petting the covers instead.

Once books were purchased, BFF Diana and I perused the raffle baskets again, and I put all my tickets in the Linnea Sinclair basket. (And did not win. I'm bitter. But it's for a good cause, because it raised money for One Way Farm Children's Home. Three of my books were included in one of the baskets donated by Joy of Joyfully Reviewed, including an ARC of Nightfall, which is out in print in July.) We hung out with Anne a bit more and discussed our mutual enthusiasm for the Blackhawks and plans for watching the game later that night. (WOO! LET'S GO HAWKS!)

Diana and I were going to head back to the room, but then I spotted that Linnea Sinclair was going to be doing a Q & A panel, so of course I went to that. I sat across from her and stared at her adoringly. Because she's awesome.

And then, lunch! And then, BOOK SIGNING!

In the past I've discussed how I am terrified at book signings. Because I am. It's incredibly scary and anxiety-attack-inducing for me, but I'm always determined to do it anyway. I'm proud of my writing, and I want to be able to share it with others, so I filled my Cat Hat with my pink promo baggies of chocolates and put on my best "Scared? Me? No!" smile.

See the look of terror on my face? Yeah. Now, what you can't really see in this picture is how awesome I looked in that jacket. How awesome was it? "I lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers" awesome. BECAUSE I DID! Seriously, people.

I signed a lot of books. I drooled at Toni Blake's book covers. I bonded with Becky Barker over our mutual love of the TV show Justified. (Somehow mutual has become the word of the day in this post.) I stared at Leah Braemel, Anara Bella and Dana Marie Bell, who were signing directly across from me. (I also drooled at Dana's cover posters, because her covers are gorgeous--I have a signed one above my desk.) Author Nicole Dennis came by, and I was all, "OMG, I know you from the Internet!", and she was, "Me and my Fat Cat, right?" Yes! Joy of Joyfully Reviewed also came by and thanked me for my basket donation (and I thanked her for including me). And Colette of A Buckeye Girl Reads stopped by, and I hugged her.

Now, because I'm signing at the signing, BFF Diana gets books signed for me by other authors. (Thank you, BFF Diana!) Apparently she intro'd each one with "This is for Robyn, she's the tall one with the rainbow hair." And everyone knew who I was, heh. (Behold the power of pink and purple hair!) Here is a photo of our signed book haul:

Highlights included the Lori Foster sticker (because her arm is in a sling and she couldn't write) that reads: "This autograph brought to you by the Broken Elbow Division. This sticker applied with Lori's good hand and her best wishes for happy reading." Shiloh Walker signed, "To Robyn of the rainbow hair!" And Linnea Sinclair signed, "Robyn--be star struck!" So cool!

After the signing, we went back up to the room and I checked my email on my phone. (That would be the phone you can clearly see in my jeans pocket in the photo, heh.) Much to my surprise, there was a new email with the title "Congratulations from Passionate Ink", and I gasped. I'd entered Nightfall into the Passionate Plume Contest, and it is a finalist in the Fantasy/Sci Fi category! There was much squeeing and flailing with joy. It was like the icing on the cake of a good day. :-)

And then, dinner! Mmm...cheesecake... I must say, the desserts were very good. After the last raffle basket had been awarded, Diana and I left early, because I was eagerly awaiting the Blackhawks game. (It went into double overtime, but they won! Stanley Cup, here we come!)

We headed home Sunday morning, and collapsed into post-conference comas. It was an awesome, exhausting weekend. We loved seeing everyone, and hope to come back next year.


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I loved meeting you!! My post should be up tomorrow sometime.

Nicole Dennis said...

*glares at Fat Cat* You have become way too popular, kitteh.

*back leg lifts for her to lick her lady parts* then gives me a kitteh stare.

Sigh... So happy to meet you in person! Can't wait to dive into the book.

Robyn Bachar said...

@ Colette: It was great to meet you!

@ Nicole: I know that feeling. Some days I think Dexter and Old Cat have more fans than I do. ;)