Friday, June 21, 2013

And the winner is... has spoken, and the winner is... Maria D.! Woot! Congrats, I'll be emailing you shortly about your copy of Poison in the Blood.

Remember, there's still time left to win the signed copy of Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered at Goodreads!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered by Robyn Bachar

Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered

by Robyn Bachar

Giveaway ends June 28, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Posion in the Blood Release Day Party

It's release day! Yay! To celebrate, we have not one but TWO giveaways! No one can live at that speed!

When we last saw Emily and Michael in The Importance of Being Emily, they were on their way to marital bliss. Now, a few years later, Michael has finally become a chronicler, and things will never be the same...

She is honey to his throat...but one sweet taste could part them forever...

Banished from home while her husband adjusts to life as an immortal, blood-drinking chronicler, Emily Black is homesick, heartsick and struggling under the constant sensory barrage of a city drenched in ancient magic. When an old friend asks for her aid in solving a string of murders, she welcomes the distraction, despite the danger.

Justine Dubois is grateful for a seer’s help, and more understanding than anyone of Emily’s plight. As a guardian, Justine commands respect; as a woman, her magic is considered inferior. Together, they are determined to prove their worth to London’s magicians, starting with solving these murders—with maybe a bit of matchmaking on the side.

Long before he met his soul mate, Michael Black made a commitment to join the Order of St. Jerome. He will live forever, forced to watch the woman he loves age and die. As Emily hunts the murderer, Michael struggles to protect her. But if he loses control of his hunger, the greatest threat to her safety could be Michael himself.

Warning: Contains tortured soul mates, scheming faeries, vampire debauchery, deadly parasols, illicit blood-drinker relations, and adorable plot moppets.

It's available now from: Samhain Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and of course from the iTunes store.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Signed Copy Giveaway and an Emily Excerpt

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered by Robyn Bachar

Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered

by Robyn Bachar

Giveaway ends June 28, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Poison in the Blood comes out on Tuesday. As part of the new release celebration, I'm giving away a signed copy of Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered over at Goodreads.

As Poison in the Blood is an Emily novel, here is an Emily-centered excerpt from Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together: Part Two

First, I want to state for the record that I met and/or chatted with a ton of people at the RAGT, way more than I can put into coherent blog-post form. If I didn't mention you here, it's because I have the memory of a goldfish when I'm tired (and trust me, I was exhausted, because there's so much that goes on at an event like this that it's like a hurricane). It's not you, it's me.

Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 Lori Foster RAGT: Part One

This was my third time at the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together. As always, it was a great experience, and first let me say a big thanks to all the organizers and volunteers who make the RAGT an awesome event. They always work incredibly hard to make sure everyone has a great time. (And Lori managed to pull it all off with one arm tied behind her back! Well, in a sling, actually, which makes it even more impressive.)

An extra special thank you also goes out to my fearless partner-in-crime, BFF Diana, who puts up with my shenanigans on a daily basis but was especially forgiving on this trip. (I may have borrowed her back to sign books and promo on. A few times. I kept expecting she would stab me for this, but no, she was very good natured about it.)

Monday, June 3, 2013

My RAGT Reading Challenge Results

This is my third year attending the Lori Foster Reader & Author Get Together. It's a great time, and I always come home with a stack of books signed by my favorite authors. This year I heard about ABGR's Reading Challenge for the Get Together, and I decided to give it a shot. It gave me the opportunity to catch up on reading a few things on my TBR shelf, and introduced me to authors I hadn't read before.

These were the levels for the challenge:
  • Love Bites Level: 0-3 books
  • Bad Boys of Summer Level: 4-6 books
  • Buckhorn Level: 6-11 books
  • Men Who Walk The Edge Of Honor Level: 12 or more books
And my total was (drumroll please): 13 books! Victory is mine!

Here, in alphabetical order, are the authors and books I read:

Maddy Barone, Sleeping with the Wolf. I picked up a (signed!) copy of this at the last RAGT, and I'm looking forward to acquiring more this year. This book is the first in Maddy's After the Crash series, and it has a bit of everything--shapeshifters, time travel, post-apocalypse, and a singer/songwriter.

Dana Marie Bell, Dare to Believe. This is the first Gray Court book, which I actually read after the second book. I love this series. I have a (signed!) poster of the Artistic Vision cover above my desk. And it was definitely entertaining to read on the bus (as in, "Is it warm in here? Oh my!").

Lori Foster, Hard to Handle, and Run the Risk. Action! Suspense! Romance! Good times. :-) After reading Run the Risk, I'm very much looking forward to picking up a copy of Bare it All, because I loved Reese and Alice. They were adorable.

Lora Leigh, Bengal's Heart, and Stygian's Honor. This was my first time reading about the Breeds, and I really enjoyed these. A lot. Seriously, people. I loved that the Breed heroes in these two books were big, tough alphas, and their heroines were even tougher and never backed down. The action, intrigue, and holy cow page scorching love scenes had me instantly sold.

Linnea Sinclair, Gabriel's Ghost, and Shades of Dark. (I'm also currently reading Hope's Folly, but I don't think I'll have it finished by Thursday.) I'd taken an online workshop from Linnea Sinclair before, so I knew she was made of awesome. The Dock Five books are just further evidence of that awesome. Because, DUDE. So good. It was one of those "Can't talk now, must read this" situations.

Shiloh Walker, If You Hear Her, If You See Her, If You Know Her, The Missing, and The Departed So I began my Shiloh Walker journey by reading The Departed. It quickly turned into a desire to READ ALL THE THINGS! Instantly hooked. I tore through the Ash trilogy in a few days, because I was just mesmerized. She's officially one of my new favorite authors.

I can't wait for the RAGT! See you in Cincinnati!