Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered Print Release

For those of you who prefer your books in dead tree form, B,B&B is now out in print! It's very shiny. I hugged my ARCs. Hopefully one of you won a copy from the Goodreads giveaway, but if you didn't, I have a few copies left and I may be persuaded to do another giveaway at some point in the future.

But for now, you can buy your very own shiny copy for 40% off from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or directly from Samhain.

In case you missed it, here is the blurb:
It’s better to be a bad witch than a dead one.

One thing stands between Catherine Duquesne and happily-ever-after with her soul mate Lex—her unwanted bond with billionaire vampire Zachary Harrison. Married life is hard enough without adding an uninvited vampire to the mix, and being tied to Zach endangers more than just her relationship. If Zach dies, she dies, and with his new seat on the necromancer council being challenged by older, more powerful masters, his life expectancy is dwindling fast.

Vampire politics is only the beginning of Cat’s problems. Hunters are stalking magicians, abducting entire families and killing anyone who resists. As the current Titania and Oberon, Cat and Lex must protect their people, but Cat’s dark past keeps the victims from seeking their help. Worse, the former Titania’s granddaughter wants to oust Cat from the job, believing her vampire ties make her unfit.

To break the bond Cat must broker deals with devils on a journey that will take her to hell and back—literally. Freedom comes at a high price, but Cat will risk anything to save her people and her marriage.

Warning: This book contains explicit language, faerie shenanigans, a field trip to hell, even more magician sex, and gratuitous violence against vampires, demons, hunters, helicopters and the kitchen sink. And if you want to know how the very sexy Lex swept Cat off her feet, check out Blood, Smoke and Mirrors.

Please enjoy this excerpt from the book:

The group stopped a few feet to our right, and we all focused our attention on the faerie council. As always, Cecelia of the Silver Crescent sat in the center chair, quiet and serene, her silvery wings moving languidly behind her. Horatio, an earth faerie, sat to her right, and the fire faerie Laertes to her left.

“Greetings,” Cecelia said with a very faint smile. “Since the inception of Faerie, conflicts between our two worlds have been mediated by our liaisons, who became known as Titania or Oberon. In all that time, a situation such as this one has not arisen. As such, we were uncertain how to proceed.”

Great, our little Titania drama had stumped the faerie council. I wondered if we’d get a prize for that. At least a T-shirt.

“It is the decision of the council that Riley and Jeremiah will be put through three tests, just as Catherine and Alexander underwent. Should the challengers pass all three tests, then a final test will occur with all four of you.”

“Lady Cecelia, we were told that Riley would have a year to challenge for the position,” the Emerald Willow spoke up.

“Under normal circumstances, yes, she would have a year from the death of the former Titania. However, due to current…difficulties, this matter must be decided as soon as possible,” Cecelia explained.

“What difficulties?” Lex asked, and I nodded in curious agreement.

“The problem of the hunters. Magicians have not been hunted on this scale in many years, and all the clans are upset at the loss of their blooded children. Our children are all we have.” Cecelia sighed, and though I may have been imagining it, I thought I saw her slender hands shaking where they were folded in her lap. Had she lost someone? A few someones? Portia patted my arm, and I glanced at her. There was deep sadness in her eyes, and I wondered if she was thinking about Tybalt.

“We’re doing the best we can,” I said.

“I know, and we understand that. This is not a criticism of your performance, but rather a need to resolve this situation. We cannot function while so divided.”

“‘A house divided cannot stand’?” I quoted, and she nodded.

“Precisely. That is why Riley and Jeremiah must begin the process now.”

“Both of them?” I asked, confused. Riley’s claim was through blood—Maureen was her grandmother. Jeremiah was just her boyfriend.

“Yes, both of them, because they are soul mates,” Cecelia replied.

I blinked, and then glanced at them. I was expecting…something. I’m not sure what. Hearts? Flowers? A swelling of dramatic music? Though judging by their expressions they, too, were surprised by the information, they merely took each other’s hand and stood together, a unified front. I turned back to Lex and elbowed him in the ribs. Big jerk. If he’d been that accepting when our soul-mate bombshell was dropped, we wouldn’t have had a fight, I wouldn’t have been alone when Faust came calling, and I wouldn’t have my Harrison problem.

“If they don’t win, how many times do we have to go through this? Maureen had a ton of grandkids,” I pointed out.

“The others won’t be challenging,” Riley replied. “They don’t know that they’re magicians. I’m not going to tell them until they’re ready to hear it.”

Cecelia nodded at Riley. “Very well. Your first test will begin now.”

The pair vanished, leaving their faerie companions alone. I wondered what Riley and Jeremiah would face. Another dragon? I almost felt sorry for the dragon. Who knew what shapeshifters would do with a dragon? Eat it?