Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Authors usually attempt to squeeze all of their thank yous into a dedication, frantically trying to sum up all the people you're grateful for in a few lines of text. If you're really lucky you might get an Acknowledgments section where you can use a page or two to try to do that. But there's an enormous amount of work that goes into writing, editing, proofreading, publishing and promoting a book, and there's never enough time or space to adequately thank people for that. As today is Thanksgiving here in the States, I wanted to take a few moments to say thank you.

  • To my family. My parents are my biggest fans, and I am so grateful for their love and support. My mom carries rack cards in her purse and hands them out wherever she goes, anywhere from in line for groceries at Jewel to coming home on the El from the Cubs game. My dad once informed me that he hadn't read a book since college until he read Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, and now I have to keep writing so he can keep reading. My brother brought me to tears the other day by simply saying that he was proud of me. I'm very fortunate to have them, and the rest of my family.
  • To my friends. I'm constantly talking about BFF Diana, who I am really blessed to know. In addition to being my best friend, she's also my roommate, writing partner, beta reader, and general partner in crime. Karrin is another important person in my life who stood by me through a tough time and always supports my writing. I could go on for pages about the people who've helped me, both over this past year and along my path as an author, which is why I usually leave it at "my friends," because you know who are you.
  • To my critique group and my RWA chapter. Because there's nothing quite like being able to talk about writing with other writers. I always learn something new from them, and I'm eternally grateful for their support.
  • To my beta readers. I always try to thank my beta readers in the dedication. My typical betas include Diana, Karrin, Rebecca, Brian, Devin, Elizabeth, and Phyllis. They are all made of awesome.
  • To my editors, and all the people at Samhain who've helped make my books better. (Like Kanaxa, who creates gorgeous covers. So cool!) I've always believed that editors are very important to writing, because everyone can use a fresh set of eyes to go through your story and say things like, "Hey, what happened to this plot line?" There would be so many more secret baby storylines in my work if I didn't have people to stop me. ;)
  • To my readers. I totally geek out every time someone tells me they liked my books. I'm grateful for everyone who stops to take a moment to say, "Hey, I liked this." And just that you read my stuff in general. As a reader I appreciate the time it takes to put into reading someone's story--it's a big thing. I joke about how you don't just watch an epic movie, you devote a portion of your life to it (like watching the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies, that'll eat up a whole weekend). Reading is kind of like that. Being a fan is kind of like that. So thank you.
Now go forth and enjoy some turkey!

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