Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together: Day One

This weekend I attended the 2012 Lori Foster Reader & Author Get Together, and it was a blast as usual. Many thanks to Lori and the other sponsors, and the volunteers, because truly it is a fabulous event and I know that they worked very hard to pull it off.

Yes, I know you want to hear the story of how I ended up with Tiffany Reisz's signature on my chest, but we'll get back to that later. Actually we will get back to that Wednesday, because I'm going to split this into 2 posts.

Day One: In Which We Travel Across the Endlessness of Indiana to the Mysterious Land of Ohio

This was my second year attending the RAGT (you can read about last year's experience and my suspicion of trees here) with my BFF Diana. On the drive there I noted that the trees were once again menacing, the hills were still hilly, and Indianapolis continues to be recovering from their road construction apocalypse. BFF Diana was tortured by my addiction to pop music, though we did also sing along to "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" and "Once More with Feeling" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (And Sweeney Todd.) (Meat pies make me happy.) (I am aware that I have a problem.)

We checked in and I ran into Leah Braemel almost immediately by the elevators, and she was the first to be all "I didn't recognize you with your radioactive fuchsia hair."

Did I mention that my pink hair leveled and is now +1 fuchsia hair? Because it is.

I call it my "surprised parrot" look.

(By the way, I am currently reading the 4th book in Leah's Hauberk Protection series, Hidden Heat, and it is so good so far. I love this series. BFF Diana got a signed copy of Personal Protection at the signing and it's now proudly on our Samhain shelf.)

I did not get a picture of the sign-in line this year, but imagine the line for Space Mountain during peak season at Disney World. It's a bit like that. Except packed with women who are filled with squee every few moments when one of their friends passes by. For example, I spotted fellow Maddy Barone ahead of me, and also the very awesome Annie, who like me is now an auntie extraordinaire. ;)

Next was dinner, where we sat with Maddy and an assortment of other Romance Divas, including  Paige Tyler and Christine Lawrence. Now, I'd told the Divas that I would be easy to spot, because I'd be the one who is 6 feet tall with pink hair. Little did I know that pink hair would be abundant at the RAGT, and one of the pink ladies is also about 6 feet tall. (I apologized to her and warned her that Divas would be calling her Robyn all weekend, but I don't remember her name.) (Did I mention that without the aid of constant name tags I have almost zero ability to remember names. Seriously. It's just sad.)

The Friday night signing was for headliners, e-pub and self-pub authors. We came prepared with books for Leanna Renee Hieber and Sherrilyn Kenyon to sign. But first, I pounced on Maddy and bought one of her books, Sleeping With the Wolf. Then we pounced on LRH, and we briefly discussed our shared love for Tom Hiddleston and Loki. Mmm...Tom Hiddleston... (Diana mocks me for this. With love, she says.) And LRH told us of her current project, the Auror's Tale, which I'd heard a bit about and it sounds like it's made of so much awesome.

And then it was time to stand in the line for Sherrilyn Kenyon. Which was longish, and she arrived late, so it took awhile. But really, I'd stand in line for her all night without complaint, because such is the depth of my <3 for her. I have a Dark-Hunter tattoo. I'm a big dorky fan girl. I brought my two very favorite Dark-Hunter books, Zarek and Valerius, and she signed them. This is me, with Sherrilyn Kenyon, where I am displaying my tattoo and grinning like the happiest fan girl ever.

She is so nice. The very first book signing I ever attended was one of hers a few years ago in Oak Brook, and I've been a signed book addict ever since. I was also able to chat with some really funny ladies while in line, and thanks of our discussion of Amish vampires I now have the image of Vladimir Yoder seared forever into my brain.

After that Diana and I went back to the room and chilled before we went to the bar, because last year we started drinking too early and on too little food and that went...poorly. The bar was OMGWTF packed. Reminded me a bit of home, actually, because we live in a college town where the bars are almost always crowded when the students are in town. We were able to drink and chat with Leah Braemel and Christine Lawrence before calling it a night.

And then, on the way back to the room, someone randomly recognized me, stopped me, and said she's read my books and loves my series. Which just about exploded my brain because that's pretty much the first time that's ever happened. DUDE. SO COOL! All caps serious.

Wednesday, I will move on to Day Two, in which there is signing, Samhain swag, and stalking. Oh my!

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