Monday, April 23, 2012

New Cover Goodness

I have two new book covers to share with you! Both were done by Kanaxa, the artist who has done all of my other Samhain covers. She's marvelous. :)

First, as promised, there's a new Bad Witch novella out later this year: Fire in the Blood.

Featuring Patience Roberts, the summoner introduced in Bewitched, Blooded & Bewildered. And Faust. You guys remember Faust, right? Evil faerie, works for Harrison? much shenanigans. It will be out in Fall. I'll update when I have the official release date.

Next, we have Nightfall, Book 1 of my new, shiny space opera trilogy Cy'ren Rising. It also happens to be a M/F/F menage. It's a tad bit steamy (in fact it qualified for Samhain's "Red Hots!!!", which as you can see is 3 exclamation point serious).

I love that cover. I love both covers, really. This one will be out in late summer. Again, I'll let you know the exact date when I have it. I can't wait!

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