Monday, November 21, 2011

NaNo 2011 Days 14-21

32692 / 50000

So...yeah. I'm behind. But not far behind, and I'm filled with determination to not give up. I may not win this year, but hey, that word count ain't shabby. And as any sports fan knows, it's not over til it's over, so I plan to keep chugging along.

And now, my favorite Emily Excerpt for the Day (it's too long for a quote, but it's adorable):
Aside from the mandatory extra helpings of guilt, I did feel better after eating, and I was even brave enough to venture into the library. Though not quite brave enough to do so on my own, but Robert solved that problem for me by gluing himself to my skirts and then screaming bloody murder when I tried to remove him. One day we would cure his over-attachment to me. Today was not that day. I picked him up, noting that my healing arm did feel much stronger now, and marched into battle.

The library was silent when I entered, but my seer’s senses picked up on the tension in the air as though it had a pungent odor. Simon and Michael were working at opposite sides of the room, but when he spotted me Simon crossed to my side, looming over me like a spindly gargoyle.

“Why is the baby here?” he asked.

With a sigh I handed Robert to Simon, sure that my son would instantly burst into wails and prove my point more solidly than any other explanation would. Much to my shock, Robert stared up at Simon with placid interest, and then slowly reached for a lock of the chronicler’s hair, as though fascinated by the color.

“That’s amazing,” I whispered, afraid that my voice would break whatever spell Simon had cast over him.

“What is?” Simon asked.

“He isn’t screaming. He always screams when someone else holds him. How are you doing that?”

“I am not doing anything.” Simon rescued his hair before Robert was able to discover if red hair had a flavor, and I smirked as the baby squealed in protest.

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