Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNo 2011 Day 7

I started feeling off last night, which developed into an icky sore throat cold. I've had a lot of hot tea today (which I hate, by the way), and countless cough drops, and I'm hoping the worst is over.

But there is good news: The new, shiny contract for Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered, a sequel to Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, has been signed, sealed, and delivered. So the further adventures of Catherine Duquesne will be available in ebook in 2012, and in print in 2013. Unless the zombie apocalypse happens in 2012, but then we'll have a completely different set of problems...

Anyway, I managed to write a very small amount today thanks to the plague. Luckily I was ahead from yesterday, so my word count stands at:

12299 / 50000

And now, my favorite Emily Quote of the Day (and bonus English major points to anyone who gets the reference):

No, I would soldier on like a proper English wife, and do whatever my husband asked of me, while I slowly withered away like a dying flower, and Michael persisted as he was, forever frozen in time. I pondered composing a poem about my dilemma; an elegy for my soul mate, who is undead.

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