Monday, January 3, 2011

Read In the New Year

It's that time again. ("Time to blow bubbles with our spit?") No, it's the obligatory New Year's resolution post. You're thrilled, I can tell.

But wait!

This is not a "this will be the year I lose 50 pounds" post. No! (Because honestly, we all know that's not going to happen.) Instead, this is the year I finally do something about my massive To Be Read pile. And lo, it is massive. You've probably heard me mention it before. I may have commented on the fact that it is not a pile but in fact a bookcase. Or that there are books on it that have been there from before I was married.

Behold! The To Be Read Bookcase!

Yes, there is a samurai sword with a phone charger draped over it next to the bookcase. No, I'm not sure why that is. (We <3 swords.)

So, as you can see, there's a variety of stuff crammed into those shelves. Most of it's romance--paranormal romance, fantasy romance, romantic suspense, even some contemporary. There's also some urban fantasy, I think some sci-fi somewhere, and epic fantasy. There's also a book my mother gave me called "I Can Make You Sleep!". It is not by Charles Dickens, nor is it about Ambien, so I am dubious about its effectiveness.

And, as you can also see, those books are double shelved. It's a lot of books. A whole lot. So much that I've started piling new books on the kitchen table because I can't fit them in the bookcase.

Thus my 2011 TBR Quest is born: I will read at least one book a week. Every Monday, I will post that book here, and I'll keep you all updated on my progress. Reviews will be posted over at Goodreads, so if you're not my friend there yet, go friend me now. ;)

To start off in an easy, slightly cheaty way, I'll be finishing off a book I've been reading for a while: The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn.

So Robyn, you ask, what's your motivation for sticking to this quest? Well, I'm glad you asked. I will not buy a new print book until I clear off one of those shelves. That's madness, you say! It would be, but note I said print book. Ebooks are fair game, as my Nook doesn't take up room. And you know I love print books. eHarlequin knows I love print books, because they send me emails with discounts to lure me to their site, and then convince me to buy more to qualify for free shipping...

Anyway, the TBR bookshelf got out of control because I don't read when I'm writing. And there's no good reason for that. I know I can do both, and I'm missing out on fabulous books by not reading on a regular basis. So now it's on like Donkey Kong!

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Elizabeth said...

Good luck.

My TBR books are mixed in with the already-read books, but they do make up the larger portion.

And yet I keep going to the library instead. At least that doesn't add more permanently.