Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Intarweb Tuesday: Romance Writers 4TW

Because I will never be able to afford a trip to RWA National, I have to enjoy it vicariously through the internets. Here is a video of the literacy signing created by SB Sarah. It's probably a good thing I'll never go; with my addiction to signed books, I'd want one from every author and end up bankrupt. ;)


Beth Caudill said...

You can also get signed copies at Publisher signings...no money required. Although I don't stand in those lines, I still come home with a ton of books...they just aren't signed.

I hope if one ever comes to your city you consider attending. It is great and very inspiring. This was my 3rd RWA conference.

Robyn Bachar said...

I've been to a few different signings, and waited in hugenormous long lines for some and been first in line for others. I'm an addict.

I've been to the Chicago North Spring Fling twice now, and I loved it. I can afford that, but even if National was in the area the fee itself is bank breaking for me. We are some brokeass Jedi around here.