Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Intarweb Tuesday is Linktastic Again

That display is actually in our local grocery store, so it's been amusing to watch it make the rounds of the intarwebs. It was on Kotaku too, or so the husband tells me.

Thanks to Twitter I have 2 things to share today:

The E-books article drinking game. It's rather like the romance novel drinking game--intended to inspire drunkenness and/or alcohol poisoning. You know it's going to be awesome when it uses the word HULKSMASH in the first example.

Six myths about publishing. This is really interesting. And rather depressing in parts, but that's how publishing rolls. It does make me love my publisher all the more though. (Big hugs to Mr. Sam Hain.) The comments on the article are also interesting, though several go off on Stephanie Plum tangents (haven't read any, so no idea what they're talking about).


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