Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intarweb Tuesday: WoWtastic

In celebration of the fact that my warlock finally hit 80 and is no longer wearing her ugly robe, I bring you this rather cool WoW video:

I find it amusing how many men play female characters. My husband and my brothers-in-law all do, though they have male characters as well. I just play chicks. I tried playing a male dark elf once in EverQuest and I didn't like it, though having armor that actually looked like armor instead of a chainmail bikini was a refreshing change. I hate getting new armor for my characters and finding out that what's intimidating on a guy is panties and chaps on a female. Sigh.

Any thoughts on the subject? I suppose for writers it's less odd, because you're expected to write characters out of your area of personal expertise, but while I don't mind writing male characters (except for Lex--dammit Lex, stop being a paladin!) I don't want to roleplay one.


December said...

Actually - I was hoping I could pick your brain for my next book about this very topic! Women gamers.

I think guys just like looking at jugs when they're playing. I'd put money on the jugs factor.

Robyn Bachar said...

Oh, I'm always happy to talk about gamer chicks. I ran an all female D&D campaign once, and it was very different.

I asked the hippy once, and he said something along the lines of if he's going to be staring at a character for a long time, he wants to look at something nice. I can respect that.

Though in WoW the camera follows you, so it's booty, not jugs. ;)