Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Intarweb Tuesday is RELEASE DAY!

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Today you can own your own shiny, electronic copy of Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, it's on sale at MBaM and Amazon. My mom actually bought a Kindle just to read the ebook (Hi, Ma!), now that's devotion.

To the rest of my family, who are all "What are these ebooks you speak of? Can you eat them?": Calm down, the print version will be out in March. I encourage my family to buy both versions, because if you don't, I may withhold Christmas cookies this year...

I'll be posting excerpts on the Samhain Cafe Yahoo Group today, and the first of two completely different excerpts is now up at the Samhain Spring Showers Promo at Coffee Time Romance. Leave a comment there and you're entered to win free stuff, who can ask for anything more?

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