Friday, April 2, 2010

Part 13: And then what happened?

I've been slacking on the blogging lately, because I've been crazy busy with other assorted stuff. Technically I shouldn't be blogging now, but I'm visiting my family and no writing is getting done. Anyway...

So, I've heard lots of stories about what happens when authors get "the call", and almost none of what happens next. First you sign a contract, and then...yeah, no one seems to know. Poof, a book appears! It's like magic! ...or not so much. Thankfully my day job as a production editor gave me an idea of what I could expect, even though the textbook process is different than a fiction book. As a production editor I'd oversee copy editing, have the author review edits, send the manuscript to the typesetters, and then oversee proofreading and the author's corrections. I'd dealt with a lot of authors, both high and low maintenance, and the idea that I'd have an editor still kinda boggles my mind. (You mean someone's going to harass me for corrections now? Madness!) But I was used to the idea of editing, so I was pretty laid back about the editing process. At least I like to think so, my editor may have a different opinion. The difference between style rules for academic and fiction did make me a sad panda when I learned all of my semicolons and serial commas had to go. I shed a tear for the comma that vanished from my title.

One of the first and most difficult things I did in the production process what my blurb worksheet. Now, you've all heard me bitch and moan about how I am oppressed by the evil of synopses and queries, so the fact that I suck at blurb writing shouldn't be a surprise. Essentially I had to write the back cover copy, and you can't put "dude, omg, plz 2 buy mah book or I will b teh homeless." (No matter how true that may be.) My first attempt was not so great actually, and the awesome people at Samhain came up with something much better. (Which you can read here.) I think I did better at the cover worksheet, and my cover is made of awesome. I want to hug it. My mother framed it. I may frame it too, it makes me do a happy dance.

So now we're caught up to where I am at the moment. I learned a ton about my writing during the editing process. I wrote the next book in the series as my 2009 NaNo, and I'm polishing it up now to send to my editor. (Cross your fingers.) I'm learning about book promotion. I'll be attending the Spring Fling conference again this year--this month in fact--and I'm really looking forward to that.

Coming soonish on the blog, I'm planning a series on writing like a gamer, so stay tuned for that. ;)

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