Friday, December 4, 2009

Part Three: In Which I Get a Job. In Publishing!

So there I was, newly married, working on my novel, looking for a day job, and bam! Fortune smiled upon me, and I ended up with a job. A job that's actually in publishing, in which I get to use leet English major skillz. But that's not the fun, actually related to writing and my path to publishing part. Oh, I could tell plenty of stories about the books I've worked on and the authors I've worked with. But I'm not gonna.

Instead, I will discuss meeting my BFF Diana. Diana is awesome in many ways. In addition to being my BFF, we work together, so I see her almost as much as I see my husband. In fact, I would totally marry her, if I weren't already married to the hippy. ;)

We share a passion for reading, and have introduced each other to new authors and new series. Thanks to Diana I became a fan of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. And thanks to the Smart Bitches, I've learned a ton about the publishing industry. I highly recommend their book.

Anyway, a few months after I started the new job Diana invited me into her critique group, and I'm eternally grateful for that. Aside from meeting cool people and getting to talk writing shop, it made my novel much stronger. It wasn't always easy, but definitely a worthwhile experience.

And, well, she's just awesome. Diana has read my novel almost as many times as I have, and puts up with me bouncing plot ideas off of her. Constantly. All the time. But she does the same to me, so that's only fair. We even worked on a joint story for NaNo 2008 (one day we'll finish it, it's rather brilliant, there are elves and llamas).

Next time I'll talk about joining the RWA and meeting the fabulous ladies of my local chapter, and the most important lesson I've learned as writer.

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