Thursday, December 3, 2009

Episode II: In Which I Drive my Mother Crazy

There I was, November 2006, deciding to write a novel the month before my wedding. The NaNo Handbook is titled "No Plot? No Problem!" and boy was that the truth. I really had no idea what I was going to write, but I was damn determined to do it. Which drove my mother nutty bonkers, because before the wedding I was still living at home, and had Very Important Things to Do. Like packing my earthly possessions (namely my massive book collection) to be moved to the apartment. Putting together wedding favors. And the wedding programs. Dress fittings. You know, stuff like that. I can sum up the month like this:

Mom: "Robyn, you need to work on (important wedding thing)."
Me: "Just 300 more words."

Mom: "Robyn, did you pick the readings for the ceremony yet?"
Me: "No, I'm writing a fight scene. They're fighting vampires."

Mom: "Robyn!"
Me: "Can't talk now, must hit my word count."

Yeah. On one hand, writing is so much more fun than wrapping 200 silver snowflake wine stoppers in sparkly netting and tying them with red and green ribbons. On the other, my mother could've snapped and smothered me in my sleep. But she didn't, yay! And thusly on November 28, 2006, I submitted my final wordcount of 50,052 words and won NaNo. And then got married four days later.

End of story, right? Nope. There's more...

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