Monday, November 30, 2009

Begin at the beginning

Recently I signed a contract for my first book to be published. It's something I've been dreaming about... forever, probably. It's awesome and scary, and it's made me reflect on where I started with this book. So here in my new blog (relatively new, I signed up for it in 2007 but never broke my livejournal addiction enough to use it), I'll be talking about the book, the publishing process, and other fun related things.

On November 1, 2006 I learned about National Novel Writing Month from author Katie MacAlister's livejournal. And thus the madness began.

I'd graduated from U of I the year before, where I'd taken a few narrative writing classes, but I hadn't put any real effort into writing a novel since high school. (Yes, I finished my first novel in high school, what's really scary is that I started it in 8th grade.) I'd start a project but after a few chapters I'd get distracted and write something else. I'd written fan fic for the various mmorpgs that I'd played and posted it on the server forums, to good response. I even had a small following for my Dark Age of Camelot stories. I wanted to finish something, and I wanted to be published. But I couldn't possibly do NaNo that month, because I was getting married on December 2.

I started it anyway, and Blood, Smoke and Mirrors, then Smoke and Mirrors, was born.

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